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    Dear folk, I’m Keith and was involved with the creation of the theatre since its inception. Over the following decades I was principally the electrician on the shows but other duties included general support to Fred and Val and – at times – general support to the blessed house as well; I am no stranger not only to the more remote corners of the cellars, rooms and attics, but the perilous and fragile Stonesfield slate roofs too.
    Fred maintained that house on the shoestring budget of a teacher’s salary and welcomed any help offered. As a matter of interest, after Fred and Val died, the house was judged by Knight Frank estate agents as “being of national architectural importance” simply because Fred could never afford modernisations – if the builders from 1860 could revisit the house today they would have no trouble in recognising pretty much every part of it, from chimney tops to door handles, from stained glass doors to stone steps. It remains an almost unique time capsule from the Victorian era and I had the immense privilege of being part of its history for fifty years.
    Enough history; on with the show!!


    Hi All, Graham here, Web-admin and ex-sound. I receive comments and memories fed back from our contact form, which unfortunately do not get shown due to the way the website software handles them. In looking for somewhere to invite those postings, and something about the individual, I was reminded of this Topic started by Keith, where he introduced himself.

    “Welcome to old ghosts” seems the perfect title for such a collection and interaction, and there are something like 40-odd of you out there in the ether. Let’s see if any of you log-in and respond and see if it stays as the most recently/frequently updated topic for some while?

    As for me… I became involved in 1977 after following an advert in the local free newspaper for a “Sound Engineer”. Having the interest, some of the technology, but nowhere to put it to good use The Grange seemed the perfect opportunity. My predecessor, Gordon, had to leave for his homeland in the US, but had already set a high bar of expectation.
    Fast forward a few years and shows, and work commitments meant I sadly had to part company handing over the reigns to a young gent called Daniel (I wonder what he’s up to now?).
    Keeping occasional contact with Keith, I somehow missed seeing Fred in his final months, but was grateful to catch some moments with a very calm Val towards the end of her days.
    Those were great times… although we all put a lot of work and unsociable hours into supporting the events… and so it was only fitting that Keith, Jackie and I should try and preserve some memories of that work in this simple website for the benefit of all.

    Best regards to all who stop by!


    Too much time has passed: last year (2019) was simply too busy for us and we spent very little time working on the archive and adding it to this website. However, things appear to be easing and hopefully there’ll be a steady – if perhaps slow – return to more posiive activity on the site.

    For those faithful visitors who return now and again we give our grateful thanks for your patience and hope the new entries will have been worth your wait.

    For new visitors, we offer greetings and know you will enjoy exploring this fascinating lost world of the Grange Theatre and its remarkable 40-plus years history.


    And here we are, July 2020 and still busy hiding from Covid-19. But at least it gives me time to continue fine-tuning the archive. I’ve begun finishing the entries for the earlier shows by compiling specific cast photograph portraits taken from shots of the shows to help visitors identify the actors. It will help with the cast lists. Of course, the main photographs of each show remains a separate thread with each show’s entries and I’m pleased with the result.

    Still plenty of shows to process, so keep the faith!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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