The Hollow Crown, 1980

After our success with this show four years previously, it was felt our wider audience might enjoy its presentation in the comfort of the theatre rather than – as had been the case originally – in Little Tew’s church.

To mark this occasion we also produced a more professional-looking programme rather than the typed sheet distributed in 1976. But at the moment there’s rather a puzzle: the front page is clearly dated Saturday 3rd October 1998 but this must be a typographical error* – 1998-9 were the two years when Fred threw himself wholeheartedly into badly needed roofing works and other remedial projects around the house, so no production – certainly not one so complex in cast and rehearsal as the ‘Crown – was undertaken at this time.

I wondered whether just the year was wrong, but that date and day for 1980 fell on a Friday so that can’t be the answer. I’m currently (July 2020) trying to contact any of the performers in the hope they can shed light on the issue (strange really – it was always me shedding light on the performers!)

* Exasperatingly there was one other typo. On the back page the Revd Garratt’s surname was erroneously set as ‘Garrett’ no less than four times. Must. Do. Better . . .