The Little Minister, 1975


The Little Minister is set in Thrums, a Scottish weaving village based on J.M. Barrie’s birthplace, and centres upon Gavin Dishart, a young impoverished minister with his first congregation. The weavers he serves soon riot in protest against reductions in their wages and harsh working conditions. Warned by Babbie, a beautiful and mysterious Gypsy, that Lord Rintoul (the local laird) has summoned the militia, the weavers prepare for a fight. During the ensuing meleé, Dishart rescues Babbie from the soldiers. The pair soon fall in love, he never suspecting that she is really a well-born lady who is unwillingly betrothed to the old Lord Rintoul. After many trials, the two live happily ever after.


Memories, Letters and Publicity

Another early show for which we currently have no documents other than these two lonely photographs and a press critique from, it’s thought, the local Banbury Guardian.

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