Separate Tables, 1987

Performances were on Wednesday 11th – Saturday 14th November 1987 and the following week 17th – 21st.




In Table by the Window, Martin, a once-rising politician, now turned to drink, is dining with his ex-wife, whom he was sent to prison for beating. She, having remarried, is now divorced a second time, and seeks a reconciliation with Martin. Miss Cooper, the manageress of the hotel is his mistress, but after an off-stage confrontation with the ex-wife, Miss Cooper helps, with great generosity, to bring about a cautious reunion of the former married couple.

In Table Number Seven, Major Pollock tries to conceal from his fellow guests a report in the local newspaper of his sexual harassment of women at a local cinema. A repressed and hysterical young woman, under the thumb of her formidable mother, takes his side and falls in love with him. Again Miss Cooper encourages her guests to examine their feelings honestly and face their futures bravely.