Fantasy … a Victorian Christmas, 1980


Memories, Letters and Publicity

A no-holds barred, full-on saturation of the senses for our audience this time: really heavy Victorian music and lyrics performed in a suitably over-decorated set was quite hard going for those who perhaps weren’t aware of the Victorian love of piety, dark and meaningful interludes and mournful love-unrequited songs (especially as the show lasted for more than three hours . . .)

One evening a film crew from the local TV evening current affairs programme turned up to film what their producer called “a filler” for any future production of his on a day when news was slow. At a late point in the show they arrived in our control room and were obviously quite, um, overwhelmed at the spectacle. The cameraman whispered to me, “Is it true you’ve seen pretty much every production here?”

“Yes,” I affirmed.

And he replied, in some awe, “Bloody hell !”