Beau Brummell, 1982

Beau Brummell” – a new one-man show with Paul Alexander as Beau Brummell.

Nothing physical survives of these two-evening performances on Friday and Saturday 9th – 10th July apart from Fred’s description in his patrons’ mailing letter:

“Paul Alexander has acted with the Royal Shakespearean Company, The Oxford Playhouse, The Welsh National Theatre, The Belgrade, The Northcott Theatre, The Greenwhich Theatre, the Birmingham Repertory Theatre and many others. He has acted in over 50 television productions as well as series of Beryl’s Lot, Upstairs Downstairs and The Jensen Code.

“Leading rĂ´les include Bottom, Christ, Faustus, Torwald Helmar, Henry Carr, Fancourt Babberly, Malvolio and Willie Mossop. He is presently working on County Hall, a new series for the BBC to be shown early next [1983] year.”