An evening with lute and song, 2006

One of our actresses, the talented Kipper Chipperfield and her (sadly currently nameless) colleague entertained a small gathering in the beautiful drawing room of the Grange on a summer’s evening (“in the gardens if fine”). Despite the lesson Fred had learnt the hard way in the past – which was not to let the audience loose in the gardens during an interval because rounding them up once more for Act 2 was always problematic – he and Val offered their guests a buffet supper in the hope they’d stay relatively close to the house!


Kipper stands by the piano while her lutenist accompanys her for the evening’s entertainment.
Very unusually this was by invitation only; we’d only ever done that in the past for the two BBC recordings where we weren’t allowed to sell tickets. This soirĂ©e was given as a “thank you” to the volunteers who manned (and lady’d!) the front of house reception, bar, coffee bar and car parking during the past years.