Absurd Person Singular, 1979

This is the second show in our archive for which no ephemera survives but in the dim recesses of my mind I think it was produced by Gerry Steer on behalf of the local drama group Banbury Cross Players. I do recall they insisted that, as Fred would only have me ‘on lights’ I had to take membership of BCP for this show only!

With thanks to Samuel French for the synopsis:

“Meet three couples in their three kitchens on the Christmas Eves of three successive years. The “lower class” but very much up and coming Hopcrofts are in their bright new, gadget filled kitchen anxiously giving a little party for their bank manager and his wife and an architect neighbor. Next there are the architect and his wife in their neglected, untidy flat. Then the bank manager and his wife are in their large, slightly modernized, old Victorian style kitchen. Running like a dark thread through the wild comedy of behind the scenes disasters at Christmas parties is the story of the advance of the Hopcrofts to material prosperity and independence and the decline of the others. In the final stages the little man is well and truly on top, with the others, literally and unnervingly, dancing to his tune. “