A Classical Music Concert for guitar and flute, 1980


Banbury Guardian, 19th June 1980

Recorded Audio

This was one of the few occasions when yours truly, the sound engineer at that time, was gainfully required to restrain from emitting sounds onto the stage and into the auditorium.  As a result I had the opportunity to fix a couple of my trusted Calrec cardiod microphones out of sight on a roof beam above the audience and make a recording of the evening.  Surprisingly, aside from a few tape drop-outs and print-through (the result of almost 40 years in storage), the tape survived and the audio is still quite reasonable.  With the kind permission of Gerald Garcia, a section from the second half of the evening is included here.

Apart from the masterful playing of Gerald Garcia (guitar) and Clive Conway (flute),  you may even get to experience something of the warm acoustic of the theatre.  Why not pop on some headphones and join the audience for a short while back in 1980….