New archival photos arrived!

In the early days of our theatre one family living in Little Tew comprised Humphrey & Sybil Vernon and their son John. As a keen amateur photographer, John visited the theatre on at least two occasions to take pictures of our first production (Memory of Spring, 1972) and, a few months later in the year, Hay Fever.

The tide of life flowed on and recently John died. His widow Tina found a little hoard of these photos and very kindly donated them to us. At last one mystery has been solved: nobody could remember who took the Memory of Spring set but John’s pictures contained a duplicate set of that show and so, at last, he can be identified and his name acknowledged.

So far as Hay Fever goes, this large set – some 50 images – has now been scanned and included with the Hay Fever entry under Productions.

We are so very grateful to Tina Vernon for the donation because, up until now, we possessed no images of the Hay Fever show and the new arrivals have added one more important element to our archive. Thanks, Tina!